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Dry Gin

Distinctively balanced -
A smooth juniper-led gin
with a gently spiced
warmth on the palate, and
a Darjeeling tea finish.

Darjeeling tea
Bourbon vanilla pod
Nutmeg and cardamom
Orange and lemon peel
Fresh thyme.

It is distilled
by self-taught
distiller, George,
in a damn fine shed
in Kensington

45% ABV 70cl
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Ken. Overproof
Dry Gin

A punchy rendition of our Kensington Dry Gin, with a less subtle complexity and much bolder tasting notes.

Citrus and spice are a welcome punch rather than the familiar tickle. Juniper still features heavily throughout with a toned down Darjeeling tea finish.

‘Over proof’ spirits were traditionally at a high enough ABV (later recognised as 57%), that if spilt on gunpowder at sea, the gunpowder
would still burn.

The Navy would conduct VERY scientific 'tests' (blowing up things and drinking it) before setting sail with it on board.

Distilled once a month in
batches of only 33 bottles.

57% ABV 70cl
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The Kensington

Inspired by old school rugbys and released by popular demand. A totally bespoke and 100% soft cotton rugby with a
heavy and luxurious embroidered patch on the chest and back, all designed by Hollie’s fair hands.

Unfortunately at this time we cannot offer prepaid returns or exchanges.
So if you would like to return or exchange your rugby, please drop us an email.

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Limited edition first run
of only 200 rugbys


Bit on
the side

Hand-filled tea bags with
a blend of botanicals to
intensify and slightly
alter the character of
a Duck and Crutch
with tonic.

Vanilla infused orange peel
Juniper berry
Dried thyme
Coriander seed

Use as an alternative to
a traditional garnish.

Cheeky. Add another

Kensington Gin
Society Tote

Natural cotton tote with double sided screen print. Really the only way to transport your Duck and Crutch gin. Oh, and whilst you are at it sign up to the Kensington Gin Society at checkout.

Probably the best size tote you've ever seen.

Height - 40cm
Width - 38cm
Handle - 33cm

Really the only way
to transport your
Duck and Crutch gin.

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We wouldn’t encourage you to try this solo, but a gathering of thirsty guests might be able to tackle it.



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